How I’d style my dream conservatory

Conservatory style with Thomas Sanderson | Growing SpacesImage: Thomas Sanderson

When we first moved to our house we looked into adding a conservatory, and although the project had to go on the back burner, I do often find myself imagining that room, and how nice it would be to create a brand new space that I could enjoy all year round. The use of ‘I’ is important here, because in my dreams the conservatory is my personal space – somewhere peaceful and full of light that would be my own haven to retreat to. A garden room where I could surround myself with plants, curl up on a comfy chair and enjoy time away from the craziness of daily life. Here’s what I’d do to create my perfect conservatory space…

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Apartment Therapy

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Nordic Design

The conservatory of my dreams is half snug, half potting shed. And yes, of course it’s full of plants. The other day, my six-year-old son counted 42 houseplants just on the ground floor of our house, so I could definitely do with a dedicated plant room! Duette® conservatory blinds from Thomas Sanderson help keep conservatories at a constant temperature throughout the year – reflecting the suns’ heat in the summer, and retaining the heat in the winter – ideal for plants (and people!). I’m lusting after some large plants and miniature trees as we don’t have the space for these in our home at the moment. The Duette® blinds also block out up to 45% noise from outside, which is rather handy as we have a busy road behind our house.

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: The Everygirl

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Stylejuicer

Combining furniture and furnishings from different eras and styles creates an eclectic feel that’s ideal for informal and relaxed interiors. I like mixing up textures too, putting rustic wood finishes and industrial-style metals next to tactile soft furnishings in linen, wool or even velvet. I can’t resist festoon lights at the moment, so my conservatory would have these strung up in abundance to create a cosy, magical glow at night-time, and add a decorative element during the day.

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Thomas Sanderson

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Lilaliv

I prefer a neutral backdrop when it comes to decorating so I’d opt for blinds in white, with walls and large pieces of furniture such as the sofa in muted neutral shades such as white, off-white or soft greys. This means I can always add an accent shade should the mood take me – whether it’s a bright colour pop in summer, or something richer in winter. On my flooring bucket list would be geometric tiles (in neutral tones of course), or painted floorboards.

Conservatory style | Growing SpacesImage: Thomas Sanderson

As well as conservatory blinds as an option, there are also roof blinds, and even shutters. I’m a huge fan of the smart look that shutters give to a space, but they offer a practical benefits too such as protection from excessive heat and glare, noise reduction and insulation during the colder months. Being able to adjust the light levels in the room means I’d be able to switch the mood, whether I was after a softer, more diffused light, or I wanted the light to flood in.


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Thomas Sanderson, but the ideas and content are my own



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