Quirky and colourful London home on the Livingetc House Tours 2016


Here’s another space from last week’s Livingetc House Tours around south west London, sponsored by ao.com. In my own home I’ve been moving away from bright colours and bold patterns, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate seeing them used well in other people’s houses, especially when it’s done with the confidence shown in this Edwardian townhouse. What I love about the use of colour in interiors is how much fun and personality it can add to a home, and that was definitely the case here. Clashing combinations were embraced throughout the house – unexpected pattern pairings looked flamboyant and carefree, styles ranged from baroque to mid-century-modern, colours were loud and unapologetic. It was full of energy and exuberance.

I’m also really partial to vintage finds, and this house had them in abundance, from religious artefacts and curios, to retro glassware. I’m a big fan of unexpected objects like these because it’s what makes a space unique and completely individual. Anyway, enough chat from me, here are some snapshots from this creative and daring family home for you to enjoy…









Oh, and as an aside, I can’t believe this was the first time I’ve gone along to the Livingetc House Tours. Nosing round interiors packed full of style (whether they match your own or not – in fact I found it just as interesting to identify things I really *didn’t* like) was just so stimulating. I came away with a head absolutely buzzing with ideas – colour schemes, styling arrangements, gallery walls, things to collect, garden dreams – and I only managed to see four of the seven houses on the tour. Thankyou ao.com for introducing me to this great event. It’s helped me get seriously excited about interiors all over again and I’m determined this should become a regular outing on my calendar.


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  1. October 7, 2016 / 10:37 pm

    Love the beautiful colour mix in this home, plus the eclectic combo of pieces on display, looks fun and quirky!

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