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Less is more Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesClassic Scandi-style tree on My Scandinavian Home

I really had no idea how much I’m drawn to a simple, Scandi-style Christmas tree until I typed ‘Christmas tree decorating ideas’ into Pinterest. Woah, there are some seriously lavish trees out there! We’re talking so many decorations you actually can’t see any tree at all. I wanted to run away and hide, but I was keen to find some decorating ideas that would shake up my style a little, while also sitting comfortably with my pared-back approach. And so I kept searching and tracked down some really creative ways to decorate the Christmas tree. Some of these are out of my comfort zone – I can’t remember the last time a coloured bauble graced our tree (I’m having flashbacks to the year the twins (then toddlers) hung an entire box of colourful mini baubles on a single branch…), but I’ve really enjoyed looking for some inspiration that might push me to try something new.

We’ll be heading out to buy our tree this weekend (one of my absolute favourite festive family activities), and while the chances are I’ll still opt for a simple, Scandi-style look like the one above, maybe I’ll be brave and try one of these decorating ideas instead…

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesAbsolutely love the exuberance of this flower-bombed tree by designlovefest, made with silk flowers.

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesThese bright paper honeycomb decorations on Poppytalk add fun colour without taking over the whole tree.

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesAmazing succulent Christmas tree by Noble Four Designs – definitely want to try this!

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesThe twins are obsessed with making pom poms, so maybe we should use them to decorate our tree this year like this one by Paint the Gown Red.

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesI know I said I don’t do colourful baubles, but if I did, I’d like them like this please! A total boho dream – mix and match baubles in beautiful rainbow stripes – head over to Rose Notes to see the full tree in all its happy glory.

Creative Christmas tree inspiration | Growing SpacesOk, not much of a stretch for Scandi-loving me, but I love the paper garlands and decorations on this tree by Winkelen magazine.

Have you got your tree up yet? How would you describe your Christmas tree decorating style?



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