Quick and easy DIY projects for January

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: Dawanda

I know it’s not just me who’s go the January declutter and organising bug – everyone seems to be at it! I’m relishing clearing the decks and giving loads of areas of our home a refresh, plus I’m on the lookout for great DIY projects that will help me in my mission to make our house as organised as possible. I’m tackling all the areas where clutter builds up and trying to find solutions. But money’s tight after Christmas, and we definitely don’t have much free time on our hands, so I’ve found some easy DIY projects that can be achieved in a couple of hours or less, and with the minimum of materials. I’ve recently discovered Gorilla Glue (my lovely new sponsors this month) and I’m loving the idea of swapping my drill for a simple pot of glue – all of the projects I’ve pulled together here could be done using Gorilla Glue products.

A simple plywood panel, turned into a minimalist-lovers organiser with simple wooden boxes and plastic tubes all painted white, then glued onto the back panel with wood glue. Full tutorial here.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: Sayeh Pezeshski

Something I’ve been meaning to do for the kids’ bits and bobs for ages, and this example from Amanda Risius on Sayeh Pezeshski is a particularly good example. Super glue plastic animals to jar lids, spray paint matt gold and you have quirky and stylish storage jars.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: The Lovely Drawer

Teri from The Lovely Drawer’s projects always inspire, and this desk tidy made by upcycling a dish drying rack using balsa wood is no exception. I have an issue with piles of paper on my desk, so I think this would help me keep on top of my paperwork.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: Junkaholique

It’s no secret I have a thing for DIY projects that involve plywood, and a simple bookshelf for the twins’ would be a great addition upstairs. So easy – just narrow planks of wood fixed to a plywood sheet with wood glue – love the blackboard house, too.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: Knack Weekend

I’ve been wanting to try out something with cork for ages, and this memo board display could be it. Made by cutting a series of hexagons from a roll of cork, these could be easily fixed to the wall using mounting tape.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: Say Yes

I only noticed that three of these projects use plastic animals halfway through this post, but at least I’ll get good value out of a multi-pack! Spray the animals a bright neon shade, cut them in half, glue the heads to a board and you get a fun and creative set of hooks that are remarkably sturdy. I also fancy trying this with Lego figures for my Lego-obsessed kids.

Easy DIY projects for January | Growing SpacesImage: The Merry Thought

Plywood again – at least I’m consistent! We’re after a bedside solution for our spare bedroom (we have a day bed that pulls out to become a double, so a floorstanding bedside cabinet isn’t an option), and I like the simplicity of this with its clamp-on lamp and handy slot to store a phone. This would be perfect, and I could even use mounting tape to fix it to the wall so I don’t have to do any drilling.

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with this month’s Growing Spaces sponsor Gorilla Glue, but all opinions and content are very much my own


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