My sycamore seed tattoo


Sycamore seed tattoo | Growing Spaces

As I make the journey to Parliament Tattoo to see Rebecca again (I’ve got that excited/nervous butterflies-in-the-tummy New Tattoo Day feeling), I’ve realised that I never actually shared the last tattoo I got from her. This is my sycamore seed tattoo which I got back in the autumn. I chose a sycamore seed helicopter because I have such strong memories of them being everywhere when I had the twins.

With their birthday in early September, I can remember the footpaths being covered with seeds while I pushed my tiny babies miles in their buggy – the only way I could get them to sleep in the early days.

I love September – the promise of a new academic year, watching autumn make its arrival – and the weather is often warm and sunny.

As an aside – it would appear that I chose to have this tattoo done in a spot that is the hardest possible to photograph by yourself! I know these pictures aren’t great, but they were the best of a really bad bunch. Next time I’m hanging out with someone with good camera skillz I shall persuade them to snap a few more for you 😉

Sycamore seed tattoo | Growing Spaces

Today will be my third tattoo by the super-talented Rebecca. I still adore both my olive branch tattoo and this sycamore seed beauty so I can’t wait to add to my collection.



    • Heather Young April 12, 2018 / 10:50 am

      Thanks Sarah. Actually the European sycamore has different seeds to the American sycamore. What I’ve got is most definitely a sycamore seed – we are surrounded by these trees where I live in the UK!

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