It’s been a while since the display on my black living room wall had a bit of a shake up, so when the team at Eco Deer got in touch about their quirky wall planters, I jumped at the chance to add a new element to the arrangement. The Eco Deer is a tongue-in-cheek take on a traditional mounted stag’s head – the backing board (made by hand from solid eco wood in a small workshop in Ukraine) has two tube vases mounted on it for you to fill with foliage, flowers or branches. I like the black board because… View Post

Oh, June. More time spent indoors than expected, getting caught in showers, soggy feet, reaching for a blanket in the evening. So what’s a girl to do, but to attempt to bring a little summer inside with a jug of blooms? I cheered myself up yesterday with a trip to my favourite florist and some Styling the Seasons faffing. I’m not normally drawn to pink, but I think Katy’s kitchen makeover might have swayed me, and I love how it looks next to the black wall. Could this be a new accent shade throughout the house?  I’m definitely tempted. It feels like… View Post

If you’ve been reading Growing Spaces for a while, you’ll know that nothing in our house stays the same for long. I’m constantly changing, tweaking, rearranging. It’s not a seasonal thing particularly, it’s something that I do all the time. I might pick up a new idea from another blog, or from social media or Pinterest. I might have bought a new vase/plant/stool/cupboard that needs a home created for it, or it could be that I just want to embrace the chance to potter around. I find creating a new little display both relaxing and exciting – I’m in the… View Post

We’ve always struggled to make the living space in this house work for us. It’s part of a large open-plan L-shape area that also includes our kitchen diner. We used a large open shelving unit from Ikea as a room divider and create smaller zones within the open-plan area, but we always felt that we were left with a living area that felt small and cramped, and a bit of an odd dead space behind between the living and dining zones. That dead space has been used in a multitude of different ways with countless furniture arrangements – toy storage,… View Post

It’s official, I am not safe to be left home alone. There is a significant danger of me wielding a paint brush and turning the house upside down. That’s exactly what happened a few weekends back when I made a completely spontaneous decision to strip the yellow wallpaper (you can see a little glimpse of it in this post) from our living room wall, and paint the wall black instead. I’d been seduced by Tiff’s beautiful black wall that I’d seen on Instagram, and once I’d got the idea in my head, there was no distracting me. I’m incredibly impulsive… View Post