As soon as I finish a post featuring my latest kraft paper gift wrap ideas, I’m immediately thinking about wrapping ideas for the next one. And with last year’s festive installment of fun gift wrap ideas going bonkers on Pinterest right now, it’s clear that finding a creative way to wrap presents when all you have in the house is brown kraft paper and a black marker pen is something lots of us have had to do at some point. For all five of the gift wrap ideas in this post, all you need is brown kraft paper and a black pen (and… View Post

I’m fully in summer mode (even if the weather isn’t quite playing ball yet), so I wanted to do some super-easy gift wrap ideas that are perfect for special occasions over the summer months. We’re big beach fans, so I thought a seaside theme would be perfect. These are quick wrap solutions for if you get caught on the hop without a roll of gorgeous gift wrap to hand (as is often the case in our house). All you need to nail these seaside wrap projects is a roll of brown paper and a black Sharpie. Colourful paper is a… View Post

  I realised the other day that although I’d shared my handy Ikea plant pot hack on my YouTube channel, I hadn’t actually blogged about it, so I’m making up for that now with a quick tutorial. This is such an easy hack – I used cheap and cheerful Kardemumma pots from Ikea which even have horizontal lines on them already, making it even more of a piece of cake. All you need are ceramic planters and a black medium Sharpie (or marker pen) – and that’s it! Using the Sharpie, draw a scalloped edge under the top edge of… View Post