Easy animal costume ideas

Panicking about your tribal costumes for the Tribal Tournament at this year’s Just So Festival? Here are some super-easy costume ideas for all the tribes – fish, foxes, frogs, lions, owls and stags. Pick your tribe (Go Foxes! Go Owls!), and get creative. If you haven’t got time for a full costume, a set of face paints should sort you out…

Easy DIY frog costumes | Young & YoungerSources (clockwise from top left): Printable masks, Etsy; Face paint idea via Pinterest, Frog family, Just So Festival

Easy DIY lion costumes | Young & YoungerSources (clockwise from top left): DIY lion mask, Madame Citron; Lion’s mane hoodie, Etsy; Lion face paint, Dance Informa

easy diy fox costumes | young & youngerSources (clockwise from top left): DIY fox ears tutorial, Bits Fashion; Fox mask and tail tutorial, Nalles House; Fox face paint, Young & Younger 

Easy DIY owl costumes | Young & YoungerSources (clockwise from top left): Owl costume, Jojoebi Designs; Paper owl mask, Martha Stewart; Owl face paint via Pinterest

easy diy stag costumes | Young & YoungerSources (clockwise from top left): Antler headband via Pinterest; Deer make up via Pinterest; Handprint antlers, Meet The Dubiens

easy fish costumes | Young & YoungerSources (clockwise from top left): Fish face paint via Pinterest; Fish costume, Real Simple; Fish mask, Polymnia88



  1. Manoa
    September 12, 2014 / 9:15 am

    OMG! I just ADORE the little frog and owl!
    I wonder if we are going to use any of them as Halloween-costumes…

    • Heather Young September 12, 2014 / 4:13 pm

      They’re really cute aren’t they? I think they’d make brilliant costumes for Halloween.

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