While I was walking..

Charting the weeks through our walks to school
While I was walking | Growing Spaces

So ideally I’d like to publish these weekly posts on a Saturday, possibly a Sunday, probably a Monday and definitely not on a Tuesday. Oh.

This week we’ve had dry walks, wet walks and very wet walks. I had to admit defeat and throw the twins in the car on the wettest morning, and I’m definitely going to have to assess my walking wardrobe and invest in a longer waterproof coat and some comfier wellies.

I listened to the TED Radio Hour podcast, ‘The Source of Creativity’. It was so interesting to hear how one artist (Sting, as it  happens) managed to overcome a writer’s block that lasted years (the secret? It’s not all about you), and more from Sir Ken Robinson about nurturing creativity in the education system. A scientific study into creativity had me intrigued, especially the (apparently) very real possibility of a tablet to boost creativity and creative thinking. Would I take it? Would you?
I looked at how the colours on our walk change in the rain – all the leaves a deeper, richer shade with a glamorously glossy finish.
I pondered how best to nurture the twins’ growing sense of independence from each other more at home, and how to manage things like playdates (I hate the word playdate btw) with schoolmates so that they don’t have to share their friendships all the time.



  1. October 14, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    I’ve been a long suffererer (?!) lover of the school run, as I don’t drive, and it is full of pleasure and curses. I do seem to amassed a huge array of coats, hats and scarves. Comfy, shoes boots and wellies are a must too. I still get caught out, but as our School run, is a really long run, my saving grace has been a scooter. I use my youngest daughters Maxi Micro scooter, on the way there, and whizz along…it’s a great end to my working day 😉 It really is a great time to reflect, blow the cobwebs, especially if you work from home I think.

  2. mrsbris
    October 24, 2014 / 10:30 pm

    I love the school run but invariably it rains just as you are about the set off..why is that!? I invested in a Seasalt coat and its served me well. However i mistakenly bought a pair of clarks long leather boots – the sole wore through after 4 months wear and they wouldnt refund me/replace them (even partially!) because they said I wore them too much!!! Crazy. Love the blog by the way..been following for a short while now.

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