While I was walking..

Charting the weeks through our walks to school

While I was walking | Growing Spaces

Walk to school | Growing Spaces

While I was walking | Growing SpacesHalf-term’s over (already? how?) and we’re back to the daily routine school imposes. But the walks to school are still a highlight that we all enjoy, and it felt good to be back on our well-trodden paths.

I listened to Es’ constant chatter – she’s wanted to play games all the way to school each day this week. ‘I Spy’ is a favourite, she also likes me to phonetically sound out things I can see so that she can blend the sounds together to form the word. We’re also into story-telling – taking turns to tell a story. I’ve got very slack with my podcasts and haven’t listened to any at all this week, but I’m going to give Serial a go next week – I’ve heard it’s addictive.
I looked at the heavy frost through the eyes of the kids, who stopped every couple of metres to marvel at how the grass was glittering in the sun or to pick up a leaf, fringed with ice crystals, for closer inspection. On the wetter walks, I was struck by how much richer the colours become when they’re given a glossy coat of rain.
I pondered why I’m incapable of getting anything done until the deadline is looming large and forboding. I’ve always been like this – I work better under pressure (it’s why I’m suited to journalism I think) – but it’s not really a pleasant way to function. I faff about until there’s only *just* enough time left to get my current assignment done and then I become consumed by stress and anxiety and everyone has to tiptoe around me. This week was one of those weeks.


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