Weekending.. houseplant love

Indoor plants from Homebase | Growing Spaces

Pot plants | Growing SpacesWhen I picked up my grape hyacinths last weekend from Homebase, I also treated myself to a few new houseplants and pots from the garden section – (from left) Peperomia Schumi Red, Peperomia Angulata and Peperomia Rotundifolia . Pottering around the kitchen planting up the pots was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity and the new additions already look very at home – two on the kitchen windowsill and the third on our living room shelving unit.

This time last year our house was pretty much devoid of houseplants, except for one lonely pilea, but now my newfound love of indoor plants is gathering pace and I love the greenery that’s spreading around our home. I’ve been largely successful in keeping things alive (something I had previously doubted I could ever manage), and the nurturing instinct that I feel for my plants has rather taken me by surprise. I’m constantly inspired by images of plant-filled homes on Pinterest (via my ‘for indoor plants and blooms board’), and I have a wish-list of plants that I want to add to our home. I think it marks a change in my decorating style and I’m really enjoying the journey.

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Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Homebase


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