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I am a morning person so when I read Sarah-Lou’s latest post for The Everyday Spruce about six ways she could make her mornings better, I was trying to think about what it is that makes mornings ok for me. I already knew that Sarah-Lou is a night owl – she sends me emails at stupid o’clock, and I see her late-night pins on Pinterest when I open it up first thing in the morning. For me, 11pm is a late night, and if I need to meet a deadline I’d far rather set my alarm a couple of hours earlier the next morning than stay up late to work. My head’s clearer in the mornings and I feel brighter and more positive. This tends to wear off as the day progresses!

Obviously there are things you can do if you don’t share my feelings about mornings, and Sarah-Lou’s tips are very sensible, but I do think that it’s part of the way we’re programmed and I’m not sure we can really change our internal clock. My day always starts with a cup of peppermint tea (I like to rehydrate before I move onto my black coffee) and I don’t feel ready to face the world unless I’ve had a shower (I’d prefer to get up earlier to make sure I get one than have an extra five minutes in bed). Hitting the snooze button is one of my biggest bugbears – when the alarm goes off I’m awake and I want to get up and start the day. Being married to someone with a strong affinity for the snooze button has been known to cause conflict.

Head over to lapinblu to read Sarah-Lou’s suggestions and please do share your own tips and ideas using the hashtag #theeverydaydayspruce.

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