September video round up

What do you mean we’re already 12 days into October? I’m ignoring this small (probably quite important) detail, and am going to share a round up of what I was chatting about over on my YouTube channel in September anyway.

First up a little tour around my home office (complete with mortifying footage of what it looked like before I cleared up for the tour)..

My love for houseplants just keeps growing (!), and so I share some tips for beginners with my pick of the three easiest succulents to grow at home. You’ll have to try really hard to kill them..

My Marie Kondo decluttering drive came to a bit of a halt over the summer, but now I’ve got that Autumn nesting instinct going on I’m getting started again – watch me tackle my utterly ridiculous stash of toiletries..

And finally, something I don’t think I’ve blogged about here despite meaning to for forever – a proper look at the kitchen banquette that Ben built. It’s reminded me that I must take some shots so that I can write a proper post about it.


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