6 Christmas decoration Ikea hacks

Christmas decoration Ikea hacks | Growing Spaces

I have no idea how I managed to squeeze in doing these Christmas decoration Ikea hacks this week – work has been properly crazy – but I’d had the ideas in my head for so long, that I couldn’t bear the thought that I wouldn’t have time to actually share them. And so I had some much-needed crafting time-out earlier this week to turn a few bits and bobs I picked up in Ikea into Christmas tree and table decorations.

DIY mini table crackers made from a SÄLLSKAP placemat, £1
Take a toilet roll and cut all the way down it lengthways. Make the tube narrower and tape in place. Cut a 12cm x 24cm rectangle from the placemat. Put some double-sided tape on the toilet roll cube and roll the tube up in the fabric, fixing the fabric in place with a length of double-sided tape. Tie up one end with a length of ribbon, pop in a little gift or note, and tie the other end. I finished mine with a star made from FIMO – I created a marble effect using black and white FIMO using a technique Teri shared in her marbled clay standing desk clock tutorial. I just used a small star cookie cutter to create the star shape. You can make three crackers from one placemat.

6 Christmas decoration ikea hacks | Growing Spaces

DIY candle holder made from VARDAGEN egg cups, £1.25 for two
Thread three wooden beads onto a wooden skewer and trim the skewer at each end. Use a hot glue gun to glue one egg cup to the top of the beads, and one upside down at the bottom to form a base.

6 Christmas decoration ikea hacks | Growing Spaces

DIY mini hanging planter from VARDAGEN egg cups, £1.25 for two
Using the same marbling technique for the FIMO, mould the clay into a small ball and use a skewer to create a hole down the centre before baking in the oven. Thread four lengths of string through the bead, and tie. Then tie in a mini macrame hanging and plant a baby succulent in the egg cup, and pop it into the hanger.

6 Christmas decoration ikea hacks | Growing Spaces

Tree decoration made from IKEA 365+ cork coaster, £1 for 2
I used a drill to make a hole at the top of the coaster (you could also do this with a skewer). Cut two identical equilateral triangles from marble sticky-back plastic and stick them in a tree shape on the front of the coaster. Thread string or ribbon through the hole for hanging.

6 Christmas decoration ikea hacks | Growing Spaces

Tree decoration made from KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger, £3
Inspired by using this multi-use hanger for our advent calendar this year, I carefully detached two of the circles (these are sewn together so you need to unpick the stitches). Push one inside the other (I didn’t need to secure them, they stayed in place). Hang three beads (one made from the marbled FIMO and two wooden beads) from the top and add a loop for hanging.

Tree decoration made from RÖRT spoon, £1
Cut the top off the spoon with a small saw. Drill a hole at the top. Thread up a star-shaped bead made from marbled FIMO and thread through the hole. Wind thread around the top of the spoon and add a loop for hanging.

6 festive Ikea hacks | Growing Spaces


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