Easy bee costume: Just So Festival 2017

Bee face paint done, now it’s over to my lovely friend Victoria, who’s finishing up our week of Just So creativity with her fantastically easy bee costume. I’ll pass over to her now to share the step-by-step instructions…

Easy bee costume | Just So Festival 2017

The biggest buzz this year is the arrival of a new swarm. The bees are set to to make quite the entrance at the festival. Without any past ideas to inspire, you are the new kids on the blog. Go cute, bright and bold with bright yellow and black fun fur, tutus and googly eye antanneas or how about a bit Kew Gardens botanical with something a little grander.

What you’ll need:

A head band
Some brown or black felt
Some yellow netting
Black fun fur
Two black or brown pipe cleaners


  1. Cut out two bug eyes shapes from the black or brown felt. Exaggerate the size and shape to get the best effect. Glue onto the head band.

  2. Cover the bug eye with a layer of yellow netting attaching by gluing just along the head band side to get a more three dimensional effect.

  3. Thread the two pipecleaners between the two bug eyes and twist the together tightly so they stay upright and in place. Curl the ends by wrapping around your finger once or twice to get a good shape.

  4. Add a strip of fake fur across the top of the hair band. This will hide any seams and enclose the antennaes so it all becomes one neat piece.

This one uses the extra long pipe cleaners but you could also use long feathers for a furrier version or short ones for a cute bumble bee.



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