In my last #TheEverydaySpruce post I mentioned opening the project up to get more of you involved. And now the time has come and Sarah-Lou and I are so excited to welcome you onboard! At the start of each month we’ll announce a general theme for the coming month (on our blogs and over on IG) and invite you to join in by writing a blog post or posting an image on Instagram to share your great sprucing ideas around the theme using the hashtag #TheEverydaySpruce. If you want to be added to our mailing list so that you don’t… View Post

#TheEverydaySpruce – a collaborative project by lapinblu & growing spaces – | SIMPLIFY | CLARIFY | BEAUTIFY | Apologies that The Everyday Spruce has taken a longer break than Sarah-Lou and I originally intended. Real life has taken over (as it has a habit of doing!), and while that happens, our blogs understandably take a back seat. But suddenly we’re well into June and we’re both keen to get it up and running again – it has already given me some fantastic ideas and focus this year, and I love the prompt to think in a different way and to… View Post

It was so fantastic seeing all the gorgeous entries for our first every The Everyday Spruce giveaway with Loaf last week. Sarah-Lou and I have so enjoyed the project so far, and seeing everyone else’s own sprucing tips is one of the best things about it for me – sharing inspiration and ideas is always a winner in my book. Speaking of winners, I’ve picked out my favourite post from Instagram and it’s this one from @sammidodgers, who wins a set of Wobbler ceramics from Loaf. I love a good DIY, and this shower curtain update is so simple yet… View Post

#TheEverydaySpruce – a collaborative project between lapinblu & growing spaces – | SIMPLIFY | CLARIFY | BEAUTIFY | While the ethos behind #TheEverydaySpruce is firmly rooted in ideas rather than purchases, we’re not adverse to spending a few pennies in the pursuit of those small changes that can make a positive impact on your daily life. I’ve really embraced the decluttering I wrote about back in February, and part of this process has been to properly evaluate my belongings – choosing to keep only those things that ‘spark joy’. One thing that I’ve really noticed is that by really looking… View Post

#TheEverydaySpruce – a collaborative project between lapinblu & growing spaces – | SIMPLIFY | CLARIFY | BEAUTIFY | Image: Sarah-Louise Kimmer I am a morning person so when I read Sarah-Lou’s latest post for The Everyday Spruce about six ways she could make her mornings better, I was trying to think about what it is that makes mornings ok for me. I already knew that Sarah-Lou is a night owl – she sends me emails at stupid o’clock, and I see her late-night pins on Pinterest when I open it up first thing in the morning. For me, 11pm is… View Post