I’ve been searching for the perfect stockings ever since the twins were born, but I’ve never managed to come up trumps (probably because my searching usually consists of a mad panicked dash round the shops when they’re packed in the week before Christmas). But when I got sent the Jennie Maizels  iron on alphabet patches for my cushion craft a few weeks ago, I immediately thought how BRILLIANT they would for personalising stockings, and I decided there and then that this would be the year the twins would finally have stockings that I hope they’ll keep forever (the stocking I… View Post

Sorry for the radio silence. I started December all cocky about all the fantastic crafts and posts I had planned for the blog, and then a combination of a lastminute work project (extra work is always good news for a freelancer) and the general chaos of Christmas meant the usual holiday mayhem took over and I’ve been battling to stay afloat ever since. Tomorrow is the last day of term. I can’t believe the twins have done a whole term of school already, but at the same time I’m finding it hard to think back to what life was like… View Post

We don’t have our Christmas tree yet (I’m getting impatient, but will hold out for another week or so), but that hasn’t stopped me making some new tree decorations. I wanted to continue the copper theme of my homemade decorations (the copper pipe advent calendar, and papercut wreath) – and copper pipe is definitely my craft material du jour right now. It’s easy to make this cute hanging decoration yourself… 1. Use a pipe cutter to cut 11 1cm pieces of 15mm copper pipe. 2. Tie each row together using thin cotton string or embroidery thread (you could also use… View Post

It’s the first Sunday in Advent, and while I’m definitely not ready to put our tree up (ours doesn’t go up until mid December at the absolute earliest), I do think a festive wreath is a lovely addition to the front door anytime during Advent. My neighbour always has a seasonal wreath up – Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn – and I love her tradition. Having pinned a number of papercut wreaths to my ‘for Christmas’ pinterest board recently, I decided that I’d make the most of my fantastic Cricut Mini, to create one myself. I chose a simple branch… View Post