{Make it} DIY copper pipe Christmas tree decoration

Copper pipe Christmas decoration | Growing SpacesWe don’t have our Christmas tree yet (I’m getting impatient, but will hold out for another week or so), but that hasn’t stopped me making some new tree decorations. I wanted to continue the copper theme of my homemade decorations (the copper pipe advent calendar, and papercut wreath) – and copper pipe is definitely my craft material du jour right now.

DIY tree decoration from copper pipe | Growing SpacesIt’s easy to make this cute hanging decoration yourself…

1. Use a pipe cutter to cut 11 1cm pieces of 15mm copper pipe.
2. Tie each row together using thin cotton string or embroidery thread (you could also use wire but I found thread easier) – so one row of two pieces, one row of three pieces and one row of four pieces.
3. Then tie the rows together in the same way to form a tree shape, finishing with a single piece at the bottom as a trunk.
4. Use an offcut of fabric (this is Liberty’s Tana Lawn cotton left from the Crafting the Seasons afternoon) to tie a loop for hanging to the top piece of pipe.

Christmas tree decoration DIY | Growing Spaces

DIY copper pipe tree dec | Growing SpacesI have to admit that tying all the pieces of pipe together was fiddly, but I got quicker once I got into the rhythm, and the repetition was actually quite soothing after a while. I’ve made three so far, and want to keep going so that they’re ready to go on our tree next weekend.

This week is all about handmade festive decorations on Growing Spaces. I hope to have a few more DIYs to share with you, as well as a round up of decorations I’ve seen and loved from around the web, so please do visit again soon! And if you’re in need of more Christmas inspiration in the meantime, I’m constantly pinning to my ‘for Christmas’ Pinterest board, so do come and join me over there.

Growing Spaces copper pipe Christmas tree dec



  1. December 7, 2014 / 10:54 pm

    great great great – love it! You really are Mrs Christmas…

  2. December 15, 2014 / 10:52 am

    I love these, such a great idea! x

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