Since we swapped our old double bed in the guest room for a Hemnes daybed from Ikea to free up some floor space, we’ve needed to come up with a bedside table solution. The drawers pull out to turn the single bed into a double, but once we’ve done that there isn’t space for a bedside table between the bed and doorway, so we decided a wall-mounted option was our best bet. We chose our favourite DIY material, plywood, swapped our usual drill for Gorilla Wood Glue, and got building. I sketched out a super-simple design for a wall-mounted bedside shelf – it… View Post

Scandi sheepskin from Shepherd of Sweden I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how my drive to refresh our home means that DIY and home improvement has been on my mind, but a freshen up and new look isn’t only about tackling those practical projects. For me it also involves looking at the objects we have around our home with fresh eyes, and assessing how these fit with the style I’m trying to achieve. I imagine it’s the same if you own a shop/gift/home business when you’re on the lookout for inspiration to ring the changes for the coming season. Which is where… View Post

A while ago, a friend messaged me to ask wha I keep in my interior stylist’s toolkit that I take with me on photo shoots. As I sent her back my long list of styling kit essentials, I thought it would make a great post on Growing Spaces, and so here I am, eventually sharing it with you. Not only is this a great checklist of things to take on a shoot, but everything in it is useful for small DIY or craft projects at home, too. The above is my current wish-list, including some of the key items I wouldn’t be without:… View Post

Images: Dulux My drive to update and refresh our home is still going strong, and with home improvement and DIY on my mind, I wanted to give you a heads up about the brand new DIY and Home Improvement sector at this year’s Spring Fair. This leading gift and home trade show is returning to Birmingham’s NEW from February 5th – 9th, and as one of the the best places to see the latest emerging trends in home, interior and gifting, I think the DIY sector is an exciting addition. It’s even open a day early on Saturday 4th February so… View Post

Image: Dawanda I know it’s not just me who’s go the January declutter and organising bug – everyone seems to be at it! I’m relishing clearing the decks and giving loads of areas of our home a refresh, plus I’m on the lookout for great DIY projects that will help me in my mission to make our house as organised as possible. I’m tackling all the areas where clutter builds up and trying to find solutions. But money’s tight after Christmas, and we definitely don’t have much free time on our hands, so I’ve found some easy DIY projects that… View Post