Gosh it feels like a while since I got my craft on. Seems that heading back to almost-full-time work takes a toll on the craft mojo, or maybe it’s just that I need to make more effort to carve out some time. I feel like I have lots of projects sort of on the go, but rarely actually get to finish anything, let alone get it photographed to share here. Anyway, this DIY jewellery stand (or jewellery tree?) is something I started way back at the start of the year, but had to shelve when I couldn’t get the individual… View Post

The area between the living and dining zones in our open-plan ground floor space has been through so many different uses as the twins grow and their needs change. Until a month or so ago, our old dining table lived there. We called it the craft table, but in reality it was a dumping spot and just attracted piles of clutter and paperwork (as evidenced by the cringe-inducing before shot above). I decided that it was time for the craft table to go – this would open up the space and help us in our constant battle against clutter, but I… View Post

A very old post of mine about our hallway storage solutions is still one of my most popular (go figure!). Of course our hallway doesn’t actually looks like that anymore (it was four years ago after all), but the coat hooks and old pew are still key elements in the space. One thing that was causing constant mess and irritation was all the hats, gloves, scarves that ended up strewn across the bench. Apparently a family of four can have rather a large collection of accessories, and when they’re all mixed up together it’s all but impossible to find what… View Post

It’s all about the She Shed on my YouTube channel this week, as I give my humble potting shed a desperately-needed update to turn it from a dingy dumping ground into a usable shed that will hopefully encourage me to get creative in the garden. My shed was piled high with junk – old buggies, kids’ garden toys, old bags of compost and even craft bits that I couldn’t fit into my craft cupboard indoors. So I had a whole heap of stuff to clear out, most of which is now sat in a pile on my lawn, covered with… View Post

Source: Stillstars Open shelving can be a real challenge when it comes to styling, but these examples of perfectly-styled open shelving units show how you can nail it to create a striking display that looks great and feels balanced. The great thing about open shelving (as long as you can keep it tidy) is the amount of storage and display space that it offers without being too overbearing, as wall-to-wall cupboards can sometimes be. There are definitely some ideas that I’d like to steal from these examples (I’m constantly faffing with my own open shelving in our living room, that… View Post