Charting the weeks through our walks on the school run On my walks this week.. I listened to the sound of the world around me because I couldn’t find my earphones until Friday. I hereby vow to make more effort next week and have already downloaded some podcasts in readiness. I looked out for the giant cobwebs that are stretched at face-height across the footpath. They may be beautiful covered in dew first thing in the morning, but I still don’t fancy wearing them. I am now also on hyper-alert for dog poo on the pathways after a couple of… View Post

Charting the weeks through our walks on the school run Actually, I’ve often been trotting rather than walking this week as I race to keep up with Ez on her scooter and Fonz riding his bike to school for the first time (amazing me with his confidence). On my walks this week.. I listened to birdsong and wondered how hard it would be to learn to recognise the different birds’ calls. I downloaded the latest TED talk podcast on ‘Transformation’ and was inspired by how amazing some people’s ability to adapt is. I looked at my breath in the chilly… View Post

I now walk over 20 miles a week on the school run alone (21.6 this week to be precise). On those walks without the kids I have time to think, free from the pressures of work and chores. On the journeys with the kids we get to chat, I discover things about their time spent at school that otherwise I think I’d miss, and they notice things around us that I might not have given a second thought to if I was walking alone. Most of all, I enjoy being outside – fresh air really is good for the soul.… View Post