While I was walking..

Charting the weeks through our walks on the school run

Autumn school run | Growing SpacesOn my walks this week..

I listened to the sound of the world around me because I couldn’t find my earphones until Friday. I hereby vow to make more effort next week and have already downloaded some podcasts in readiness.

I looked out for the giant cobwebs that are stretched at face-height across the footpath. They may be beautiful covered in dew first thing in the morning, but I still don’t fancy wearing them. I am now also on hyper-alert for dog poo on the pathways after a couple of grim incidents this week (do not rant, do not rant, do not rant).

I pondered what would happen if a squirrel landed on my head as yet another kamikaze one leapt from a fence to a tree just in front of me. I’ve been really missing the kids this week (the novelty of school is obviously wearing off) but I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about it too much and have instead focused on important and deep issues, such as leaping squirrels.


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