While I was walking..

Warm autumn school run | Growing SpacesI now walk over 20 miles a week on the school run alone (21.6 this week to be precise). On those walks without the kids I have time to think, free from the pressures of work and chores. On the journeys with the kids we get to chat, I discover things about their time spent at school that otherwise I think I’d miss, and they notice things around us that I might not have given a second thought to if I was walking alone. Most of all, I enjoy being outside – fresh air really is good for the soul.

Footpath | Growing Spaces

On my walks this week…

I listened to old episodes of Desert Island Discs. I could do with a good sweep of iplayer and some programme recommendations actually. Sometimes I walk plugged into my phone, but more often this week I’ve just been enjoying the peace.
I looked for the first conkers, gathered feathers (Ez is busy building up a collection in her book bag) and scouted out the spots with the best blackberries along our route. We feast as we walk. The leaves are beginning to turn, the light is different, the mornings are fresher.
I pondered the idea for this blog post – remembering my weeks through what happens on the school run. I’ve tried to decide which days of the week to work and whether it’s realistic to stick to the same working days every week, or chop and change depending on commitments.


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