Hello freckles

Fonz Freckles before | Young & YoungerOne of my absolute favourite things about Spring? We get outside, and almost immediately Fonz’s nose gets a sprinkling of the most gorgeous freckles. His skin is so fair that even the most subtle of freckles, which these are, jump out at me, and I fall madly in love with every, single tiny little one. They make my heart flutter.

I managed to persuade him to pose for a photograph on the promise that we would compare a picture of his freckles now with a picture of his freckles after our Europe road trip. All that time outside – I just can’t wait to see his brown-as-a-berry face come July.


EH466G~EEven though Ez only has a few of the very palest freckles, she insisted on having her picture taken too, and it will be great to compare her before and after photographs as well.

ERXMR0~HAnd as an aside… do my children have gorgeous eyes or what?!



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