Wafting around in my dressing gown

Kimono from Verry Kerry | Growing SpacesWe’re off camping tomorrow, and my new kimono from Verry Kerry is most definitely coming with me. Instead of doing the morning walk to the toilet block in my pyjamas, I’m looking foward to wafting across the field in my gown. And my wellies. And probably an umbrella, but hey, in my mind I’ll still look all goddess-like.

The kimono arrived a couple of weeks ago, just before we headed off for a gorgeous weekend up in a house in Derbyshire with extended family. The weather was a bit hit and miss but we were gifted a couple of absolutely gorgeous evenings, saturated in that magical golden light.

Now, I am extremely uncomfortable having my photo taken. For some reason the same discomfort doesn’t seem to apply to making videos (always handy when you’ve launched a YouTube channel), but posing for still photographs is not my thing at all.

I couldn’t really write a post about this stunning kimono and not show me in it, so, buoyed by how great I feel wearing the kimono (and how many people that weekend commented on how lovely it was), I decided to call out my inner diva and head out in the golden hour to get some photographs.

Please believe me now when I tell you that I am not fishing for compliments – in fact saying anything nice about how I look will make me feel as uncomfortable as posing for these pictures in the first place. Focus instead on the Geisha long kimono, ethically made from pure cotton with sangallo embroidered cotton trim, with its gorgeous soft colours and delicate floral pattern.

Geisha kimono from Verry Kerry | Growing Spaces

Pattern and colour | Growing Spaces

Cotton kimono from Verry Kerry | Growing Spaces

Pretty floral print | Growing Spaces

Verry Kerry kimono | Growing SpacesKerry’s (Verry Kerry‘s founder) passion for colour and fabric is obvious when you browse her site. “Although there are some predominant components in the patterns of my collections, the most important is that prints have to be stunning, smile evoking, be a joy to look at…literally they have to make me squeal with delight,” says Kerry. “Whether it’s dainty or bold floral, funky 70’s geometric shapes or ethnic tribal prints, my fabric are all colourful, with a strong bohemian flavour.”

And there’s a new launch on the horizon – Verry Kerry will soon feature a children’s collection, too. And it sounds like it’ll be right up my street. “I am fundamentally against this ‘pink for girls – blue for boys’ colour stereotyping and social brainwashing that has become somewhat of an epidemic,” Kerry says (hurrah!).  “I do not see why children’s clothes cannot incorporate lots of colours and be worn by both sexes. With that in mind, I plan to do funky little reversible soft cardigan-like jackets, reversible hippy harem trousers with a shirt that can be worn as pyjamas in a set or separately in the day, some little dresses and Asian style tops and blouses for girls. There will also be some very sweet patchwork blankets.”

Thanks Verry Kerry for my proper grown-up dressing gown that I don’t mind being seen in public in. I am one happy camper.



Disclosure: I was given the Geisha kimono by Verry Kerry to review for this post



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  1. August 14, 2015 / 12:11 pm

    You look amazing in it! Thanks for the great post!

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