Catch up: February Heather’s Space video round-up

Ok, so I met up with a few of my favourite people yesterday (Sarah-Lou, Katy, Jeska, Mel and Emma I’m looking at you), and I got a slap on the wrist for not doing a bit more shouting about my YouTube channel, Heather’s Space, and the videos I’ve been sharing over there recently. So to remedy this, I thought it might be an idea to post a monthly update here on the blog of what’s been going on video-wise, starting with  February.

First up, we had we have a video about my easy plant pot hacks (basically a video tutorial version of this post)…

Then there was me coughing my way through a little ramble about a new ear piercing, a plant I’ve almost killed and a mini housekeeping challenge…

And finally, a video tutorial of the Hirameki-inspired craft session I did with the twins over half-term…

Yes, you’re totally right there’s one missing, but work is crazy-busy at the moment and so I had to accept that I just wasn’t going to be able to film, edit and publish a video last week. However, make sure you subscribe, and I promise that hopefully (fingers crossed, touch wood etc etc), there will be one later today.


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