I’ve got my head round the fact autumn’s here, and I’m embracing it. I think I actually get more of an urge to clear and organise in autumn than I do in spring, when it’s traditional to tackle the clutter. It’s probably those old ‘back to school’ habits, where the new school year promises a clean slate. Whatever it is, I’ve found myself sorting, rearranging, and tweaking things all around the house. Ben struggles to keep up – everytime he comes home from work something else has been moved or re-jigged. The kitchen hasn’t escaped my antics – it’s amazing how… View Post

Last time we cycled along the fantastically family-friendly Kennet & Avon canal cycle route, I was on my beautiful Raleigh Superbe bike. I’d picked it up on eBay and felt so smug as it was in near-perfect condition and was totally Instagram friendly (yay!). I put how hard I found cycling down to my poor fitness level, but as the twins’ confidence and cycling speed has rocketed, I’ve found myself lagging further and further behind. The crunch came on what should have been a really easy cycle as a family to our local park. The rest of my troupe raced… View Post

I don’t drink nearly enough water, do you? We’re generally advised to drink at least two litres of water everyday, but I know that I’m coming up short. At the beginning of the summer I made a real effort to get my water intake up, managing three litres some days and I felt SO much better. I had more energy, my skin looked better, my digestion improved, but I’ve let those good habits slip again. Some days I realise in the evening (usually as I’m pouring myself a G&T!) that I’ve probably had nothing else to drink but coffee all… View Post

My name is Heather and I have an addiction to plants. Although you guys probably knew that already, right? Now, those gorgeous folks Igor and Judith came up with the theme of ‘plant selfie’ for September’s Urban Jungle Bloggers, and although I’m no huge fan of posing for the camera I couldn’t help having a little fun at the weekend. I chose the newest member of my little plant family to join me for this post – this beautiful string of hearts usually sits on the shelves above my desk but apparently she’s also quite happy perched on my head,… View Post

Ok, I’m going to hold my hands up right now, and admit that a lot less effort went into Fonz’s 7th pizza-themed birthday party, than into his sister’s unicorn party (sorry Fonz!). But in my defence, his only requirements were 1) pizza (which the kids made themselves with Little Reds and their amazing mobile woodfired pizza oven), 2) a pizza cake, and 3) a pizza piñata. Apart from that he really didn’t care as long as all his best mates were there. Because we held the twins’ birthday parties at the same time and in the same place – yes,… View Post