Easy no-sew fish costume: Just So Festival 2017

Following on from my face paint idea for the Fish tribe at the Just So Festival this year, I’m handing over to Victoria, my brilliant festival friend, and all-round costume queen. Victoria has come up with some fantastically easy no-sew costume ideas for all the tribes, and here she’ll share how to make a shimmering fish mask…

Easy fish mask | Just So Festival 2017

If it sparkles, glitters and shines, it’s fishy enough for Just So! The disco divas of the sea, ideas are inspired by bubble wrap tendrils, sequin fabric mermaid tails, fishing nets and seashells. Go on make a splash!

To make this fishy sea creature mask you will need:

Masquerade mask – this one is a basic shape one from Hobbycraft
Large disc sequins – bought from Ebay
A couple of cupcake cases
Some seashells – Hobbycraft
A string of pearl trim – this was from my local haberdashery store, but you could use silver elastic or any other fishy-esque frills you come across
A glue gun


  1. Cut a cupcake case into quarters and flatten the pieces. Stick them onto the mask to magically become fish gills.

  2. Start sticking the large sequin discs all around the perimeter of the mask. Overlap them slightly and if you just glue one half down you get a better 3d scale effect.

  3. Stick some sea shells on for decoration. I only did a few as they are quite heavy and didn’t want them to weigh the mask down.

  4. Cut the pearl trim to fit around the eye holes. Glue one side and stick it down.

All silver has a shimmery effect – a bit like a sardine on sugar, but rainbow colours would be tropical fishtastic, or try mermaidy sea greens and blues. If it’s going swimmingly, why not add some stripes of netting or fabric scraps as seaweed tendrils!

Victoria and I will be sharing costume ideas for each of the tribes (Owls, Lions, Foxes, Frogs, Stags, Bees and Fish) every day this week, so make sure to check back here tomorrow for plenty more inspirations.

 Easy fish costume | Just So Festival 2017


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    OMG i just love this idea. The little girl looks like a angel. Thanks for our post

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