Fish face paint: Just So Festival 2017

Choosing our tribe for the Tribal Tournament at the Just So Festival and working on our costumes is one of our festival highlights every year. Everyday this week I’ll be sharing easy costume and face paint ideas for each tribe, together with my good festival friend Victoria.

The Fish tribe were crowned the unexpected winners of the Tribal Tournament at the Just So Festival last year (GO FISH!) – this year will they retain their title under fierce competition from the Owls, Frogs, Lions, Stags, Foxes and (newcomers this year) Bees? Those amazingly creative folk at Just So have unveiled some brilliant tribal heads this year, so I’ve based my face paint ideas on these designs, to tie in with the festival’s look for 2017.

Fish tribe face paint | Just So Festival 2017

All I needed to create the Just So 2017 fish face paint design was a basic face paint set (I use the Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack), and I did buy an extra set of Snazaroo brushes, as there’s quite a lot of small detail in these designs. It’s not perfect (I don’t claim to be a face paint artist!), but I think it’s a good enough match for the Fish tribal head.

Here’s how:

  1. Use a sponge to mark out the areas of white.
  2. Fill the blue areas (I used a sponge to cover the large area, and a brush around the edges)
  3. Use a brush to fill in the yellow on the forehead and around the eyes.
  4. Finish with the black outlines (use the finest tip brush you can find).

Fish tribe face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Fish tribe face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Straight after this post you’ll find Victoria’s beautiful no-sew fish mask – a perfect costume DIY that’s easy and quick to do…

For more about our adventures at the Just So Festival over the last five years, click here, and check back here every day this week for plenty more inspiration for face paint and costumes for all the Just So Festival tribes.


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