Ribbit ribbit! The frog tribe are jumping into our week of Just So Festival tribal tournament face paint and costume ideas today. This energetic tribe is always easy to spot at the festival, with some truly awesome costumes. Using a Snazaroo party pack and a Snazaroo set of brushes, here’s how I created the frog face paint idea, based on the beautiful tribal head for this year’s festival. Instructions: Paint the main area of the face green using a sponge (I mixed my own shade of green using the Snazaroo green and a bit of white, otherwise the green was… View Post

My Just So Festival mate Victoria is amazing at pulling costume ideas out of  the hat. Here she’s got a brilliant no-sew fox costume, so you can swap your needle and thread for a hot glue gun and you’re good to shimmy on down to the Tribal Tournament. I’ll pass over to Victoria to share her easy tutorial… Whether you’re Fantastic Mr Fox or darstardly Mr Tod, the pack of foxes are the sly tribe of Just So, ready to pounce, growl and snap and any other woodland creature. Team furry ears with deerstalker hats, flat caps, bow ties and… View Post

Today is all about the Fox tribe at the Just So Festival’s Tribal Tournament, with my fox face paint design (based on this year’s beautiful tribal head), quickly followed by Victoria’s super-easy no-sew fox costume. The boys in our family were foxes a couple of years ago, and their costumes were such a laugh – I love the smart Fantastic Mr Fox look, but this year’s tribal head is a lot more folksy – I think you could have a lot of fun coming up with a fox that’s a little more boho. To create this folksy fox face paint design I… View Post

We’re over halfway through our Just So Festival extravaganza of costume and face paint ideas for this year’s magnificent Tribal Tournament. Today, Lions are stepping up to the plate, and here’s my lion face paint design based on the 2017 Lion tribal head… Here are the simple steps for this lion face paint idea, using a Snazaroo party pack and a set of Snazaroo brushes: Mark out the white areas on the face using a brush or sponge – nose up to forehead, top edges of the forehead (for ears) and around the cheeks. Fill in the rest of the face… View Post

Combine my stag face paint design with this beautiful and easy stag costume idea from Victoria to join the Stags at this year’s Just So Festival. Over to her to share the instructions… Prancing through the forest the upper crust stags gallop by in their finery. Tweed waistcoats, bustles, wild branches from the forest floor and a flourish of flowers. If fancy isn’t your thing channel Game of Thrones with big fake fur collars and wild branches in your hair! This is a baby and toddler friendly costume as there are no pointy bits but could easily be adapted to suit the older… View Post