Easy no-sew fox costume: Just So Festival 2017

My Just So Festival mate Victoria is amazing at pulling costume ideas out of  the hat. Here she’s got a brilliant no-sew fox costume, so you can swap your needle and thread for a hot glue gun and you’re good to shimmy on down to the Tribal Tournament. I’ll pass over to Victoria to share her easy tutorial…

Easy no-sew fox costume | Growing Spaces

Whether you’re Fantastic Mr Fox or darstardly Mr Tod, the pack of foxes are the sly tribe of Just So, ready to pounce, growl and snap and any other woodland creature. Team furry ears with deerstalker hats, flat caps, bow ties and tank tops.
You will need (for easy fox ears and tail):
A pair of old tight or pop sock
Some craft stuffing (or you could use scraps of fabric)
A couple of safety pins
Some orange and white fun fur
A head band
Some card
Hot glue gun
  1. Start by making the tail. Cut one leg off the pair of tights – start long as it can be trimmed to size afterwards. Stuff it with the stuffing or fabric scraps using your hands to mold a tail shape – keeping the tow end thinner and working up and out. One stuffed tie a knot at the top of the tights and trim away any excess nylon.
  2. Next cut a strip of white fun fur in a triangle shape and wrap it around the bottom point bit of the tail. And NO SNIGGERING IN THE BACK!! Glue the seam to keep it in place.
  3. Wrap a rectangle length of orange fur around the length of the tail overlapping slightly the white so the orange fur brushes over the top. Glue to seal.
  4. Cut out two ear shapes from the card and use these to cut out four pieces of orange fun fur that are slightly bigger than the card shape. Glue around the edges so the card is hidden inside.
  5. Cut a smaller piece of ear shape in the white fun fur and glue on top of the orange to create the inside of foxes ears.
  6. Glue onto the headband.
  7. Secure the tail to the waistband of your clothes using a couple of safety pins and have any tops cover any less that perfect finishes!
A tip to cutting fun fur so you maintain the long hairs (rather than give the hair a blunt finish), is to comb where you want to cut apart to create a parting so you are only cutting the fabric NOT the fur.
With all of the costume ideas, the key is to not worry and have fun – it’s an effect you are creating and no one at Just So is going to be worried about a few split seams and wonky gluing!

Easy no-sew fox costume | Growing Spaces

Stop by tomorrow for Frog face paint and costume inspiration!


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