Lion face paint: Just So Festival 2017

Lion face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Lion face paint | Just So Festival 2017

We’re over halfway through our Just So Festival extravaganza of costume and face paint ideas for this year’s magnificent Tribal Tournament. Today, Lions are stepping up to the plate, and here’s my lion face paint design based on the 2017 Lion tribal head…

Lion face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Here are the simple steps for this lion face paint idea, using a Snazaroo party pack and a set of Snazaroo brushes:

  1. Mark out the white areas on the face using a brush or sponge – nose up to forehead, top edges of the forehead (for ears) and around the cheeks.
  2. Fill in the rest of the face area with yellow using a sponge or brush.
  3. Mark out the blue areas with a brush – triangles around the outside of the face to make up part of the lion’s mane.
  4. Fill in the areas between the blue triangles with bright orange, and add orange spots above the eyebrows.
  5. Finish with the black outline, drawn on in the finest brush you have.

Ready for an roaringly awesome lion costume DIY from Victoria? It’s coming up next…

So far this week, we’ve had: Fish face paint & fishy maskOwl face paint & feathery owl mask and Stag face paint and stag headband. Still to come are Foxes, Frogs and newcomers the Bees.


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