Easy stag costume: Just So Festival 2017

Combine my stag face paint design with this beautiful and easy stag costume idea from Victoria to join the Stags at this year’s Just So Festival. Over to her to share the instructions…

Easy stag costume | Just So Festival 2017

Prancing through the forest the upper crust stags gallop by in their finery. Tweed waistcoats, bustles, wild branches from the forest floor and a flourish of flowers. If fancy isn’t your thing channel Game of Thrones with big fake fur collars and wild branches in your hair!

This is a baby and toddler friendly costume as there are no pointy bits but could easily be adapted to suit the older wildlings using pipe cleaners wrapped in papier mache to make grander antlers

What you’ll  need:

Head band
Lollipop sticks
Some grey or brown felt
Fake flowers or greenery (or go for real if you are making this very last minute!)
A cut out template of antler shapes – don’t worry if you can’t draw – it’s just a vertical line with some shorter lines coming off it! Make it wider than the lollipop sticks.


  1. Using the template as a guide cut out 4 antlers from the felt and put them in 2 pairs.

  2. Place one lollipop in between one pair of antlers about an inch up from the bottom of the felt antler shapes. Glue the two felt shapes sandwiching the stick inside but don’t glue the inch gap at the bottom as your need to be able to open this out.

  3. Take the headband and using the inch gap you’ve left at the bottom of the felt, wrap and glue the antlers onto the headband. Don’t worry if it’s all a bit messy as you’ll disguise it in the next step.

  4. Cut up your fake flower stalks and glue them around the base of the antlers hiding any messy joins! There’s no rules to where to put them, so just go for it!

I didn’t bother adding ears, but these could be done using felt cut up shapes, remembering to leave a extra it at the bottom to wrap and glue on the headband.

Check back tomorrow for inspiration for the Lion tribe!


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  1. August 15, 2017 / 6:23 pm

    I just love her collar! Where did you get it from and is there a pattern by any chance?? thanks!

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