Stag face paint: Just So Festival 2017

Stag face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Stag face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Next up in our week of costume and face paint ideas for the Tribal Tournament at Just So 2017, it’s those proud and mighty stags. We will definitely be stags one year as you always see some awesome costumes around the festival. Here’s my interpretation of the design of this year’s Tribal head as a face paint idea…

Stag face paint | Just So Festival 2017

I really enjoyed this one – it’s simple and decorative. Here’s how I did it, using a party set of Snazaroo face paints, and a set of Snazaroo brushes:

  1. Use a sponge or brush to apply white face paint over the nose and up to the forehead.
  2. Fill in the rest of the face with pink.
  3. Add the yellow and white details – white flowers on the cheeks, a yellow flower in the middle of the forehead, yellow eyelids, and yellow for the ears.
  4. Finish off with the blue detailing (blue nose, blue stars, blue eyelashes, and blue on the flowers), and then use the finest brush to add black outlines.

Stag face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Stay tuned for Victoria’s simple antler headband, coming up next.

So far this week, we’ve had: Fish face paint & fishy mask, and Owl face paint & feathery owl mask. Still to come are Lions, Foxes, Frogs and newcomers the Bees.


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