Easy lion headdress: Just So Festival 2017

Victoria’s fantastically easy lion headdress is the perfect partner for my lion face paint design for the Just So Tribal Tournament 2017. Over to Victoria now to share the instructions…Easy lion headdress | Just So Festival 2017

Hear me roar! The kings of the jungle are ready to prowl and pounce in their golden fur and wild manes. Lion costumes are all about texture so make use of any scraps of fabrics – velvets, wools etc – it doesn’t matter if they don’t match as it’s the hair/ mane effect that will instantly roar lion!

For this version you will need a stretchy hair band or circle of elastic and lots of strips of netting. I went for the stiffer netting but I think it would have worked better with the softer tulle variety. The same technique can be done using stripes of any scrap fabric or wool/ chenille.

Taking one strip at a time and fold it in half. Place this under the elastic hair band to create a loop and then thread the two ends through the loop. Pull tight to create two strands of mane hair. Keep going all the way around the elastic as long as your time, patience or amount of fabric you have runs out!

You can wear this around your head as a mane but if you make two wear one around your neck like a lion’s chest hair.

Easy lion headdress | Just So Festival 2017

Check back tomorrow for inspiration for those crafty Foxes!


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