Fox face paint: Just So Festival 2017

Fox face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Fox face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Today is all about the Fox tribe at the Just So Festival’s Tribal Tournament, with my fox face paint design (based on this year’s beautiful tribal head), quickly followed by Victoria’s super-easy no-sew fox costume. The boys in our family were foxes a couple of years ago, and their costumes were such a laugh – I love the smart Fantastic Mr Fox look, but this year’s tribal head is a lot more folksy – I think you could have a lot of fun coming up with a fox that’s a little more boho.

Fox face paint | Just So Festival 2017

To create this folksy fox face paint design I used a Snazaroo party pack of face paints, and a set of Snazaroo brushes.

Fox face paint instructions:

  1. Mark out the white areas using a sponge – each side of the forehead for the ears, and the bottom half of the face.
  2. Fill the rest of the face in with orange, leaving the nose for now.
  3. Using a brush, paint the nose green and mark the outlines of the ears and cheeks.
  4. With the brush, add the pink decoration – the stripes on the ears, a flower in the centre of the forehead and pink eyelids.
  5. Go over the outlines in black with the finest brush you have and add detailing such as stars on the cheeks, the little fox nose and the black mouth.

Fox face paint | Just So Festival 2017

Hot on the tail of this post (boom boom!), is Victoria’s easy DIY fox ears and tail.


So far this week, we’ve had:
Fish face paint & fishy mask
Owl face paint & feathery owl mask.
Stag face paint & stag antlers
Lion face paint & fab headdress mane

Still to come are Frogs and newcomers the Bees.


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