I’ve had a few unusual work commissions in the last few weeks, and making ten festive headbands for B&Q out of B&Q Christmas decorations was definitely one of them! The finished headbands were sent out to journalists as part of B&Q’s #XmasHumans campaign. We also filmed a tutorial (see below) so that you can make one yourself if you fancy an alternative to wear during Christmas lunch, rather than the classic paper crown that comes out of a cracker! Want to look your #festive best, subtle #xmashumans style? Try this #DIY festive head band! Here’s one by @HeatherYoungUk pic.twitter.com/yFmWhfIEGV — B&Q (@BandQ) December 16, 2016

When Lynne from Papermash told me kids were welcome at the Make Wrap Mingle Christmas craft workshop she was hosting with Zeena from Heart Zeena and Geraldine from Little Big Bell, I immediately thought how much Ez would love it. At age seven, she is a keen crafter and loves to copy everything I do. She’s endlessly fascinated by my job, my blog, my Instagram, so I knew that taking her along to an event full of other bloggers would make her day. Plus it’s not often we get to have some quality one-on-one time, and this seemed the perfect opportunity. And I was absolutely… View Post

As soon as I finish a post featuring my latest kraft paper gift wrap ideas, I’m immediately thinking about wrapping ideas for the next one. And with last year’s festive installment of fun gift wrap ideas going bonkers on Pinterest right now, it’s clear that finding a creative way to wrap presents when all you have in the house is brown kraft paper and a black marker pen is something lots of us have had to do at some point. For all five of the gift wrap ideas in this post, all you need is brown kraft paper and a black pen (and… View Post

‘How many days ’til Christmas?’ is a question I am asked by the twins about a million times a day at the moment. I downloaded a Christmas countdown app, but then an idea for a quick and easy DIY flip Christmas countdown popped into my head so I put one together the other afternoon. Now we have a flip countdown of sleeps until Christmas, hanging up for the twins to see and change themselves each day. It’s so simple to make and I mostly used materials I already had at home – the only thing I had to buy were the hinged… View Post

I’m going to make a bit of an admission. Ben actually wraps all the Christmas presents, not me. I know, right? I write all these posts about gift wrap when really I don’t even do it myself? In my defence, I have wrapped my fair share of presents over the years (countless magazine photo shoots requiring trees laden with gifts for example), and I am still the boss when it come to how we wrap our gifts at Christmas. The look (paper, ribbon etc) is all down to me, and I do all the finishing details once Ben has finished the manual… View Post