One the main features of our garden makeover (full reveal coming this week, I promise) is the DIY fire pit. We’ve developed such a love of cooking outdoors on our camping trips that a fire pit at home just seemed like a natural choice. It’s been a real winner because we didn’t quite get the garden makeover finished in time for the summer, so the fire pit has meant we can enjoy cooking and eating outside even now the evenings are chillier. We’ve been experimenting with lots of new fire pit recipes, so when I got the chance to try out the Gardeco Movo… View Post

I’ve got my head round the fact autumn’s here, and I’m embracing it. I think I actually get more of an urge to clear and organise in autumn than I do in spring, when it’s traditional to tackle the clutter. It’s probably those old ‘back to school’ habits, where the new school year promises a clean slate. Whatever it is, I’ve found myself sorting, rearranging, and tweaking things all around the house. Ben struggles to keep up – everytime he comes home from work something else has been moved or re-jigged. The kitchen hasn’t escaped my antics – it’s amazing how… View Post

I felt like a proper grown-up when Ben and I bought our first decent mattress together over a decade ago – going into the store, trying to find the perfect firmness, having it delivered. Fast forward 11 years, and that mattress wasn’t quite as perfect anymore. I could feel the springs, and we were both starting to wake up feeling achey rather than well-rested. Even before having kids, my sleep was important to me, and I love my bed – I need a good eight hours a night or I am an emotional wreck. Then we had the twins, and… View Post

It’s been a while since the display on my black living room wall had a bit of a shake up, so when the team at Eco Deer got in touch about their quirky wall planters, I jumped at the chance to add a new element to the arrangement. The Eco Deer is a tongue-in-cheek take on a traditional mounted stag’s head – the backing board (made by hand from solid eco wood in a small workshop in Ukraine) has two tube vases mounted on it for you to fill with foliage, flowers or branches. I like the black board because… View Post

I’ve been treating myself recently. Nothing huge – no luxury spa day, designer handbag or posh dinner out – but I’ve been looking after myself in smaller ways. For example, for weeks I’ve struggled to find any socks in my sock drawer that didn’t have holes in. And I finally did something about it. Buying new socks (and some new pants while I was there) seems like nothing much, but actually it’s those little things that remind me that sometimes I need to prioritise myself and my needs. I bought myself some new Saltwater sandals. For the last three summers… View Post